When should we leave on our Great Adventure?

Time is flying by and I’m feeling the pressure of everything coming to a head . . .

We decided to leave on our Great Adventure at the end(ish) of the school year.    This is in less than 60 days.  Say it with me . . . . SIXTY DAYS (this is less than 2 months *gulp*).

Camille will be finishing middle school so this will be an ideal breaking point in her schooling – instead of transitioning to High School, she will transition to World School.

Though in a perfect world we would be able to leisurely pack up our household, move into our trailer, and start travelling sometime after Middle School graduation, our in-laws want to throw a huge party (in honor of my brother-in-laws’ wedding) ……   in France …………..  the weekend before school here in GA ends.  So we decided to EMBRACE THE CRAZY and spend our first couple months ‘on the road’ traveling Europe!!

This is, therefore, our current ToDo list:
1) Complete the sale of the Firehouse by the end of April/beginning of May (giving me a few weeks time to focus on our trip abroad & huge life transition to full time RVing)
2) Plan (within a tight budget) a 10-week trip to Europe, which will span 4 countries
3) Move into our trailer by the time we leave for Europe (May 17th)
4) Have our entire lives purged/packed up by the time we move into our trailer
5) Rent out our house – list it at the beginning of April (after purging our life, replacing carpet, painting the inside & deep cleaning everything) and have tenants move in May 21st, the week after we leave for Europe.

I feel like I’m juggling one too many balls right now . . .

Luckily, one major step has been completed –  WE NOW HAVE THE TRAILER!!!  We are keeping it at the RV lot from which we bought it until we go full-time and are taking it out for a few days at a time to set up our new home on wheels.

Check it OUT!!!!!

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