Massachusetts – New England – Fall 2018



Sturbridge was a small town with a few very charming spots.  We made the trek to Saint Anne's, a historic pilgrimage site. The beautiful grounds are lovingly maintained and the peaceful path through the woods is a Stations of the Cross journey.


We were lucky to find that there is a small one-room museum within the Saint Anne's complex showcasing Russian Icons.  These beautiful works of faith were smuggled out of the country by various priests as the Soviet Regime made owing them dangerous to the faithful families.  Any religious objects found by the government were destroyed and the priests smuggling them out to save the relics - despite the grave threat to their safety.

Rapscallion Brewery

As we travel the country one of my favorite past times is visiting local breweries.  I'm always on the lookout for a great sour or gose but I do enjoy a variety of other styles excepting IPAs.

Rapscallion brewery was a great space for a fun evening with friends (or family) - the brewery itself was charming, with hanging vines and craft wood picnic tables.  The beer itself was not memorable, but the bartender was very friendly and the location obviously popular with the locals.




If you haven't been, definitely put Boston on your list.  Boston is a beautiful mix of the old and the new and history is prevalent throughout the entire city.  You can tell the city takes pride in its rich American history by the clean streets and brilliant Freedom Trail - a brick trail laid throughout the city showing you to all the historic sites.  You can pay for a tour or, as we did, walked it ourselves with an online electric (free) tour map on our phone.  Each stop provides a history lesson.

I wish we had more than one day in this amazing historical city & I definitely plan to return.

This packed Granary Burying Ground cemetery (where you walk over the remains of Hancock, Adams & Pain to name a few) in the middle of the city along the Freedom Trail has headstones in neat lines.  This was not because the  bodies were laid neatly in lines, but because when technology introduced the lawn mower, it was not easy to mow between randomly scattered headstones.  Therefore the stones were straightened, but the bodies could not be . . .. .

The amazing architecture throughout the city gives you a constant crick in the neck from gazing up:

Make sure to take a trip on the historic subway system; the oldest subway tunnel in America is in Boston!

An unexpected and heartbreaking find that was not part of the historic Freedom Trail was a walk-through Holocaust memorial.  The memorial consists of 6 glass towers, each etched with the name of a death camp.  I cried freely as I read through first-hand accounts of the atrocities suffered by millions of innocents. I highly recommend this poignant reminder of the evil that can spread so quickly in this world.

Last but not least, plan to spend some time at the breathtaking harbor.  The harbor is truly picture-perfect, and a great place for a family hang out.  There is a large lush lawn for picnics, an expansive fenced playground (complete with sand pit), live music, and shaded benches shadowed by romantic vines.  

New England has stolen my heart!  I could definitely imagine settling down in these gorgeous coastal states in the future.  The ocean that far North seems so  . . . different.  The coast is more romantic and somehow sharper and the breeze is definitely more crisp.

Stay tuned for more posts about lovely New England!


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