Italy is more than just Venice and Rome!


Sadly, though Turin had some good points, it was probably my least favorite city.

Coupled with the dirty streets and lack of a large historic 'old town', Turin itself is not somewhere I would suggest to another traveler, nor visit again.

We did have fabulous & friendly hosts at our Airbnb  -we had them over for drinks & snacks and they went above and beyond with kindness, tour-guideing, and even gifts!  Giuseppe and his family became friends of ours on this trip and were one of the best part of our Turin stop.

The gelato was  . . . .fine.  We went for gelato every other day (upon my insistence) while in Turin.  I feel that when Valentin and I visited Rome on our honeymoon the gelato there was much better.  So if you're visiting Italy for gelato, make Rome that stop 😉

The most fun and fabulous find in the city itself was a guided tour of the underground tunnels used during the war - this amazing & cheap find on TripAdvisor was fascinating.  Find my review here!

No matter how many times it is suggested, skip the Egyptian Museum.  It was poorly organized and the audio guides were confusing and not very helpful.

Turin as a jumping off point to visit the historic Sacra di San Michel was perfect; do not miss this breathtaking visit.

Last but not least, take the time to see the Duomo di San Giovanni Batista - home to the renowned death shroud of Jesus Christ.  I'm not religious but this stop brought tears to my eyes. The church itself is beautiful and sits adjacent to a wonderful park with remains from the original Turin fortress.  Read more about this stop here!  



Venice (I said not ONLY Venice . . . .)

Venice was as stunning and romantic as one would hope . . . the first day.  I couldn't stop taking pictures of the stunning architecture and amazing waterways.  After you take your fill of photos, however, you begin to realize the city feels like Disney - a beautiful & fun-filled set with people who work but don't live there.  Venice has very few natives who live in the city because it has become predominantly a tourist stop with not much else.  Yes, make the trip because, Venice.  But I didn't want to spend any more than the two days there that we did.  Stay outside the city and take the train in for a much more affordable visit! The Airbnb at which we stayed in Preganziol was perfect for our needs - see the listing here

Murano & Burano (islands off Venice)

TripAdvisor had a fabulous tour/trip (click here for a link to the tour!) with a very inexpensive price tag.  The tour was 5 hours - a boat to Murano with a live glass blowing demonstration and island history, then to Burano to see the brightly colored houses (this island has more natives that Venice proper) and a lace-making demonstration (a dying art).   On the return trip the guide broke out some champagne to enjoy.  Truly a fun way to spend your second day in Venice!

The next time we travel to Italy I'd love to visit Florence!  What about you?  Leave a comment with your favorite place in Italy!

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