Les Lemoines

Meet the Family

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Anna & Valentin

The Brains & The Brawn

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Eldest Child & self-proclaimed 'Best Big Sister Ever' (though we concur)

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Gabriel & Noah

AKA Thing 1 & Thing 2


The Family

We are a family of 5 with a thirst for living.  Our goal is to become closer as a family, to get in touch with our spirituality, to help others along the way, to explore this great and wonderful Earth, & to learn everything we can about anything we can - more than we could ever from books alone!


From whence we came


My father was 20 years in the Air Force but retired when I was a toddler.  My two sisters and Mom re-located every couple years before my father retired but I grew up in Crofton, Maryland.  I moved away to Atlanta, GA for college - I chose to go to a Women's College (Agnes Scott) because I did not want the distractions of a co-ed campus.   I graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Economics and started working for Waffle House (????).  I spent a semester abroad during my Junior year and traveled through Europe rather extensively.  I had always had a travel bug but those 5 months spent abroad sealed the deal.  Wanderlust is in my blood.


Valentin was born in Le Mans France and immigrated here with his parents and brother at 11.  His parents expanded the family and added another brother along the way.  Valentin went to GA Tech and graduated with a degree in Mechanical engineering (with above a 3.0 GPA!).  He went to work for Waffle House (where we met).  Since those days his entire family has become an American Citizen (Go USA!) but kept dual citizenship (who wouldn't?).  He is fluent in 3 languages and has traveled extensively - including living in Mexico, on the West Coast, and, of course, in Europe. Wanderlust is in his blood.

Our Story

We have been living as we had been taught to live; we own a house,  2 cars, 2 businesses, and work, work, work.  We are thankful for all that we have but miss the things that are so important to us: travel, family time, & experiences that can't be fit into a work schedule.  So we decided to join the movement to live & travel NOW.  We didn't want to wait until we were retired - kids are like sponges!  Why have them spend 9 hours in a brick and mortar school when they can learn all that and MORE in a classroom of just 3?  Our middle child started kindergarten this year - there are 26 kids in his class!  How can a 5 year old be a 5 year old while crammed in like a sardine!?!  He doesn't even go outside for recess every day because there are too may classes and they have to rotate playground time!  My oldest is so far ahead in her classes she has straight A's and spends much of the day just reading because she has finished all her work.

This life is the life we are supposed to have . . .yet it doesn't fit.  This great nation of ours has 3.8 MILLION square miles.  I feel so proud to be an American, yet I know next to nothing about so much of it . . . We have spent much of the last 2 years camping as much as possible and find we are happiest when unplugged.  Happiest when we are exploring & traveling.