Lake Havasu and Fun Things to Do(without getting on the water!!)

Lake Havasu and Fun Things to Do
(without getting on the water!!)

Lake Havasu is a beautiful spot that stretches along the border of Arizona and California with plenty of lovely state parks, BLM land for boondocking, and private or county parks.  Personally, I prefer camping on a river or lake to camping at or on the ocean for a few reasons; the first of which is safety.  I am always over-cautious and constantly cataloging safety hazards, so having a huge body of water that can sweep you away from shore creates a niggling of worry that undermines the fun of a true beach.  Second is the view – though the ocean is beautiful & powerful and can be peaceful or angry, the complete vastness – the horizon in the distance with nothing interrupting it – for me, this gets monotonous.  I prefer the soaring majesty of mountains reflected in a blue lake when I wake in the morning.

The good thing about traveling fulltime, however, is that I can always enjoy both😊


Slot Canyon Hiking

If you love hiking, make sure you visit the SARA park and find the yellow trail.  This will put you through an amazing and challenging slot canyon – our family’s first!  I can’t believe we didn’t know how fun slot canyons can be until a friend & fellow full time RVer Crystal (@ChasingYourWanderlust) introduced us!  Slot canyons are one of nature’s obstacle courses, set on a grand scale.  You have to climb, slide, sometimes repel or even wade, twist, turn, and jump through, around, and over boulders to traverse a narrow canyon that isn’t even noticeable until you come right up on the opening.

Hikers with dogs beware, as there is a 10 foot rappel drop and a 5 foot ladder climb along the way.  You can follow the wash all the way to Lake Havasu, or do as we did & off-road up the mountains to the right as you exit the canyon and join up with the blue trail. The blue trail is easily visible up to your right as you exit the canyon and will give you a panoramic view of Lake Havasu.The blue trail will then join back up with the yellow trail so you can return to the parking lot.

Bring plenty of water & some sugar snacks for your trip and beware - The canyon is prone to flash flooding so ensure there is NO rain on the forecast & the area has been dry for weeks (or you may not be able to pass some spots in the canyon due to flooding).


Swimming Year Round

The boys were severely disappointed that I would not allow them to swim in the lake because, winter.  There is a fabulous alternative to freezing waters, however, right in Lake Havasu City that the entire family enjoyed – the Aquatic Center.  This mini wave pool water park was good for 4 hours of fun and includes an Olympic sized pool that turns into a wave pool (complete with floating donuts),
a shallow 1 foot kids area with some raining umbrellas,

and the coup de grace – a 3 story twisting water slide the exits and re-enters the complex repeatedly!

Gabriel & Noah climbed and slid, climbed and slid easily 40 times.  Valentin and I joined in the fun a few times and let me tell you, that slide is FAST!  They even have mats you can ride down to make the trip smoother.  There is also a mega-sized adult-only hot tub and a huge ‘warm’ pool good for any age (for those kids like my Noah who gets blue lips at the slightest breeze). And the best thing?  Kids 7 and under are REQUIRED to wear (provided!) life jackets!!!  Yes, parents, that’s right – strap them in and let them go with no worries!
Price: $5.50 per adult and only $4 for kids.  Bring your own snacks and drinks and set up a picnic on one of the many tables provided.



Microbreweries and local wineries hover near the top of my to-do list at any stop.  Lake Havasu City did not disappoint.  Though there are quite a few brewery restaurants, we chose to visit College Street Brewhouse because a) it was the top-rated restaurant brewery on TripAdvisor b) THEY HAD A HOUSE SOUR!!!!!  Anyone who knows me knows I drink two kinds of beer: sours and goses (a super sour salty sometimes fruity beer pronounced GO-za).   College Street’s blueberry sour is light, bright, refreshing and bitingly sour – just the way I like it.

Better yet, its only $4 for a pint during Happy Hour!  That’s right, only $4 per delicious, mouth-watering pint . . .  In fact, ALL of College Street’s vast draft men, house wine, house margaritas, mimosas, micheladas & well drinks are only $4 Happy Hour (this even includes their higher gravity 7% beer!).  And Happy Hour isn’t a measly couple hours during the week . . . its SEVEN DAYS A WEEK from 3pm until 6pm (actually Sunday’s Happy Hour is all day. All. Day..  CAN YOU FEEL THE EXCITEMENT?!?!  Or better yet, can you taste it?

The Reuben was phenomenal, but with a Happy Hour menu of about 10 items all around $5 each, feel free to skip the dinner menu and play tapas with the appetizers. 

Honorable mentions for fun at Lake Havasu minus the lake:
The Human Bean – get your coffee fix with a twist.  This drive-up only shop has a fabulous Mexi-Mocha, the friendliest baristas I’ve ever come across & serve their drinks with a chocolate covered espresso bean (it may seem small but a tasty bean is a big freebie for me!).  AND its not . . (Starbucks lovers close your eyes) . . . Starbucks.
London Bridge – a mini version of the British original
Buses by the Bridge – a seasonal convergence of vintage VW buses
Balloon Festival & Fair – hot air balloon extravaganza
Hiking at Cattail Cove along the lake - breathtaking views!

Can you watersport at Lake Havasu?  I’m sure it’d be grand.  But if the weather isn’t cooperating or you just don’t like the water, make sure you still schedule a visit to this wonderful corner of the world.

Have you been to Lake Havasu? Please leave a comment with your favorite things to do!
Yes, they can even be things to do on the water 😉



SARA parks

Aquatic Center

College Street Brewhouse

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